Qt Jambi: Server crash

Added by Samu Voutilainen over 5 years ago

The server where Jambi, this Redmine and some other tools resided, went down and seems to be too unstable to be used in production in any way (I’m not even able to get it reliably running!)

So far I’ve managed to back up all files, and gradually bringing them back to life. I’ll try to get the site back up today with some other system.

Sorry for all inconvenience caused by this outage, and let’s learn that backup servers which can just be switched on are really useful...

Qt Jambi: MySQL crash

Added by Samu Voutilainen almost 6 years ago

This time I have no idea what was real cause of the problem. The server froze and after restart MySQL refused to start at all.

The problem is quite well described at ticket . Makes me want to switch to MariaDB... tc.log, found from MySQL datadir, contained few bytes of binary data, so obviously corrupted. Removing the file made MySQL behave normally. Again, please bug me if everything is dying...

Qt Jambi: Redmine upgdraded

Added by Samu Voutilainen almost 6 years ago

I had some server related problems (someone decided to unplug power cord...), but services are going to pop up soon... While at it, Redmine has been upgraded to newest version. Please tell all problems you encounter.

Qt Jambi: Weekly downtime

Added by Samu Voutilainen about 6 years ago

I did some maintenance for the server this bugtracker is located at and managed to break whole Rails environment it runs on. Sorry for prolonged downtime, everything should be good again.

Please poke me if site behaves funnily, in general it should work a bit faster now.

Qt Jambi: Anonymous notes disabled

Added by Samu Voutilainen almost 7 years ago

Due spam, anonymous users have been prevented from writing notes. Registered users can do it like before, but if you want to modify your ticket after filing it, it is not possible unless you have an account. That means, anonymous users can still create tickets, just commenting is not possible.


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