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16:59 Qt Jambi Support request #329: Documentation Missing
I've just noticed that "the old" javadocs are much more complete than the javadoc generated from the source (probably...
16:51 Qt Jambi website Support request #308: [Website] - Improve some old information
Documentation is pointing to


18:33 Qt Jambi website Support request #308: [Website] - Improve some old information
I believe adding this article somewhere would be useful!
18:29 Qt Jambi Support request #331 (New): Update Qt Wiki Jambi page
The Jambi page in Qt Wiki has deprecated information that needs to be updated!


00:32 Qt Jambi Support request #319 (Closed): Make a build guide for Windows (MSVC)
An official guide for building Jambi in Windows with MSVC2013 x64 has just been released! You can check it out "here"...
00:28 Qt Jambi Wiki edit: Compiling_Guides (#4)
Add Windows Guide
00:27 Qt Jambi Wiki edit: Windows_Build_Guide (#1)
Windows Build Guide for 4.8.7 v1.0
22:07 Qt Jambi Support request #316 (Closed): For 64-bit windows 7
I'm closing this thread due to inactivity. Keep in mind that you can't mix Java x64 with Jambi x86 or vice-versa. You...
21:58 Qt Jambi Support request #329 (Need more info): Documentation Missing
Hello anonymous user and thank you for you report!
As you reported the source/javadoc available for Qt Jambi was n...
21:51 Qt Jambi Revision 8ef99da6 (jambi): dist: Clean and improve Linux and OSX Packager scripts
* Make all packager more uniform between platforms
* Remove qtjambi-util.jar
* Add qtjambi-src.jar
Change-Id: Iab5b0...

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